History of the BOD fleet



The BoD, (Broads one Design) was designed by Linton Hope in the early 1900's and is still sailed to this very day  in different countries across the world.

The BoD is more commonly known as a Brown Boat due to the first yachts having varnished hulls.

Design of the BoD

Measuring at 24’ 0” (7.3m) overall, 5’1” (1.55m) beam, 3’0” (0.9m) draft with a waterline length of 16’6” (4.9m) and a gaff rigged sail area of 262 sq.ft (24.0sq.m), the BoD allows itself to be sailed by by all ages in all conditions whilst proving challenging to all abilities.

Although therer are still some original wooden BoD's in competive sailing to this day, most are now built using fibreglass hulls, however all are true to the original design to allow for a competitive sailing.

Location of Fleets

Although there are many BoD's located around the world, the largest fleets are located in East Anglia with racing held at NBYC, www.nbyc.co.uk  WOBYC  www.wobyc.com and RN&SYC   http://www.rnsyc.net/wordpress/ 

Why sail a BoD?

The unique design of the BoD lends itself to sailors of all abilities whilst challenging the best the sailors. The versatility of the BoD also means it is just as comfortable sailing off the coast as it is inland.

Plus they are good looking.......

History of the Broads one Design

Here you can find out about the history of the Broads one Design

Class Rules

BOD Rules updated Oct 2017

THE BROADS ONE DESIGN CLUB Master set of rules - July 2017 (pdf)